Kat Huang Memoji of me making a peace sign

👋🏻 Hi

I'm Kat! I'm an undergraduate at MIT from Lowell, MA, as well as an aspiring software engineer, researcher-writer, and movement and visual artist.

The first thing I coded was Tumblr themes, circa sixth grade, then scripts for scientific data analysis and hackathon web apps soon after. I wrote a cold email that flew me to San Francisco to do some things at a startup that's building an online IDE. I would then intern with places that are making a web framework and language model APIs and undertake a self-directed programming retreat.

On campus, I've done interfaith dialogue, peer education on relationship health, and Asian dance and have taken courses in media studies, STS, computer science, Chinese, and more. I've also done web projects in the CSAIL Visualization Group, Senseable City Lab, and music department.

In high school, I started Science and Us, the first science communication organization for and by high schoolers. During my three years there, we organized local events introducing teens to enthusiastic people in science communication, policy, and art. I view this effort as part of an anti-disciplinary movement to broaden how people think about their identities and careers.

I also co-founded and continue to be involved with the We Are America Project, which works with classrooms across 34 states to share students' stories and teach parts of American civil rights history that’ve been glossed over.

This is what I look like:

Me doing a cobra pose on rocks with blue-grey waves in the background, wearing Birkenstock sandals, pink shorts, and a black pullover and smiling at the camera

Feel free to reach out — I'm happy to meet new people and help in ways that I can. My email is hello at katmh dot com. I'm on Twitter and my favorite social media platforms are Goodreads and GitHub.