Kat Huang

Hey, I'm Kat. I'm a senior at MIT indulging in the bread and butter of computer science. (I'm currently planning to do a 5th year master's, but I'm happy to connect about jobs.) I was born and raised in the lively, historic, and diverse city of Lowell, MA.

The first code I wrote was Tumblr themes, circa sixth grade, then bioinformatics scripts and hackathon projects soon after. I wrote a cold email that flew me to San Francisco to do some things at a startup. I kept doing things at startups for a while.

On campus, I've participated in interfaith dialogue, peer education on healthy relationships, and traditional and modern Asian dance and made websites for the CSAIL Visualization Group, Senseable City Lab, and introductory music theory classes.

I began an initiative to introduce teens to enthusiastic role models in science communication (and broaden how people think about their identities). I'm also part of We Are America, which works with classrooms across 34 states to give a voice to student stories and teach about the past and present of civil rights in the US.

Feel free to say hi at hello at katmh dot com or on Twitter. My other favorite social media platforms are Goodreads and GitHub. You might also like this out-of-date resume of failures.