Kat Huang‍

About Me

Hi! My name is Kat.

The first code I wrote was Tumblr themes, circa sixth grade, then bioinformatics scripts and hackathon projects soon after. Just before starting college at MIT, I wrote a cold email that flew me to San Francisco (from my home state of Massachusetts) to intern at Replit.

Since then, I’ve worked at Primer, Cohere AI, and Gatsby and participated in a self-directed educational retreat for programmers at the Recurse Center. Within MIT, I’ve developed websites with teams at the Visualization Group in CSAIL, the Senseable City Lab, and music department. Starting summer 2023, I’ll be a full-time software engineer at Fractional in NYC.

I’m always happy to chat with people! You can find me on Twitter. I’m also on GitHub and LinkedIn.


Among the projects I’ve created over the years, here are some of my favorite, in an order which is probably particular albeit inarticulable: