Kat Huang‍

Lore dump

Hi! I’m Kat. I recently graduated from MIT and work as a software engineer at Notion. I was born and raised in Lowell, MA, and never pass up an opportunity to let people know that CVS was founded there too. I’m currently finishing up a good-time-not-a-long-time-just-kidding-it-was-an-okay-time post-grad stint in Manhattan before moving to San Francisco to be with my fellow technology brothers and the redwoods. In my free time, I like to read, run, watch lifestyle girlie YouTubers, laugh at my own jokes, laugh at other people’s jokes, view things as metaphors, and make hyper-niche memes in Google Slides Figma.

Usually right here *gestures around* there is even more information about me. I’ll probably add it back in a future iteration of this website.

I’m always happy to meet and chat with people! You can find me on Twitter and GitHub.

January 2024

Open a time travel portal to...