Kat Huang 🤷🏻‍♀️‍

Failure Resume :)

Not a comprehensive list.

What’s a failure resume?

A failure resume is, as its name suggests, a list of rejections and setbacks. This concept originated in academia, but can be applied to improve one’s career, resilience, and approach to challenges in any walk of life.

Why do you share your failure resume?

The main reason I have this is because I’ve seen the online presences of a lot of accomplished people my age, and when I’m not secure in myself, it’s easy to think that others are perfect and never experience setbacks. Working on not comparing yourself to others is an internal skill that’s developed with practice over time, but I think it’s helpful to also see things like this along the way.

The other reason is to record these for future reference and learn from my challenges.

Does this make you feel bad about yourself?

For the most part, I’m not particularly hung up on any of these failures, so it’s not difficult for me to share them.

Some of these don’t sound like failures?

What constitutes a “failure” here is based solely on my own judgement. People have said that a lot of these failures seem more like flexes, but I think it just reflects how much I put myself out there. If I try to achieve more impressive things, then my rejections are more “impressive” too, in a way.

Note: I’m also hoping to clean up this list in general and push for quality rather than quantity. What good is a laundry list of rejections if I’m not reflecting on and learning from them? (I mean, I guess there’s still some good…)