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Screenshot of outofips.netlify.app

Out of IPs

I knew nothing about computer networking until my friend started telling me about how we're running of of IPv4 addresses and that institutions like MIT had recently sold huge chunks of unused addresses for millions. I created an interactive explainer of what IP addresses are, how they're allocated, and what's next. (React—Idyll)
Screenshot of weareamericaproject.com

We Are America Project

My former high school teacher and classmates created a project working with classrooms across 28 states to share students' stories and teach the parts of American society that’ve been scrubbed from history. Students' stories of self are published in books and on this website. (React—Gatsby, Netlify CMS)
Screenshot of Chroma article

Chroma Magazine

Beautiful illustrations in our printed issues are one of the focal points of Chroma, MIT's science and humanities magazine. So in this online semester, I designed and developed a website that does justice to our artistic history but prepares us to experiment with digital content. (React—Gatsby, Netlify CMS)

NYC's Boldest Climate Change Law

A 2019 law sets carbon emissions limits on large buildings in NYC for years to come. My project partner and I explored the demographics of exempt buildings. (Note: My views now don't necessarily agree with analyses presented here.) (Mapbox, Scrollama)


Inspired by a confession and Admissions blog post, I built a fun website that lets people search and rank MIT classes. I scraped and cleaned data from the course catalog and created an API endpoint that the frontend queries and caches. (React—Next.js)

weird flex but okay

I built a site that lets you generate silly, synonymous variations of 'weird flex but okay' like 'quirky brag yet acceptable.' A year later, I extended it so that users can put in their own phrases and synonyms. (Vue, serverless functions)

Gatsby Use Cases

As an intern at Gatsby, I worked with the CTO to turn a list of sites built with Gatsby into a cohesive understanding of who uses the framework. I prototyped and drafted a new section of the company site, showing how Gatsby shines in various use cases. (Contentful, React)

City Scanner Dashboard

Many air quality monitors are stationary, but pollution at one end of a street versus the other might vary. Senseable City Lab built an air quality sensor that can sit on vehicles and collect that granular data, visualized to partners on this dashboard I created. (D3, Mapbox)

Science and Us

I designed and developed a website for Science and Us, a student-led organization I founded to introduce teens to science communication and related fields. (Jekyll)

Point Theme

My website used to have a minimal, Github Markdown-esque design that garnered some compliments, so I turned it into a theme — for personal sites and blogs that are straight to the point. (Jekyll)

Get the facts about _

Back when Twitter's misinfo labels were a novelty, I made a Chrome extension that adds 'Get the facts about __' to each tweet, filling the blank with the tweet's longest word. (JavaScript)


I created a new logo, website, and brand for MAHacks, a hackathon for high school students in greater Boston that I co-organized from 2017 to 2019. (Jekyll)